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Longplayers offer energetic dance music, with fat beats and heavy bass lines creating a unique sound. Genres like breaks, electro, progressive and drum 'n' bass are mixed into one dynamic flow. Longplayers, performing on stage with live vocals, scratches and percussion, convince audiences time and time again.

Longplayers was founded in the summer of 1999. Producer Bart Knol and DJ Stephan van den Bos joined forces and created their own formula, with which they won the largest Dutch Pop Award - the Grand Prize of Holland - in the dance category. In 2000 vocalist Martin Hilkhuysen joined the Longplayers.

In the following years Longplayers performed at many stages and festivals, playing at many concert and festivals in the Netherlands, often working with drummer Mathijs Beukema, guitarist Barry de Kok and breakdance group Stylez Confidential.

In 2001, their first CD "Bad thoughts on a Sunny Day" was released, followed by the EP "Scattered by Storm" in 2002. Both productions were received enthousiastically by the dutch media. Longplayers founded their own label, Futureline Records, in 2004. Several 12" were released internationally on this label, as well as the LoveBreakz-label by Triple Vision.

At the start of 2008 a record deal was signed at Supertracks for their new album "Intercom" that will be launched in June. Intercom, with guest vocals by Shamangi, Vanessa Piergolam and Ro Krom, is yet another energetic, typical Longplayers album.

At the end of 2009, after 10 years of Breaks & Beats, Longplayers made a mash up of all their favorite tracks. This was the last chapter for Longplayers.