NEW! Intercom [ST75752]

With Intercom, the new album, Longplayers make a connection between studio and the dance floor. An audio stream of fat beats, heavy basses and fresh sounds is combined with cut up samples and catchy vocals.

With 12 varied tracks, a proper balance between instrumental and vocal songs is found in groovy songs like 'Eternity' and 'Feel you', interchanged by heavier tracks like 'Arise' and 'Diabolik'. Alongside resident vocalist Martin Hilkhuysen there are contributions by guest vocalists Shamangi, Vanessa Piergolam and Ro Krom.  

01. Entrance
02. Eternity
03. Chronicle
04. Feel You
05. Fetcher
06. Arise
07. Boomstyle
08. Steady
09. Maxize
10. Stand Clear
11. Diabolik
12. After Midnight