NEW! Intercom (CD)
Intercom, the new Longplayers album, is the connection between studio and dance floor.... 


LOVEBRKZ003 (12")
A) Diabolik
B1) Starbreaker (remix)
B2) Entrance

Ro Krom - Fatty Boom Project (CD)
Longplayers participated in the Fatty Boom Project of Ro Krom. The Longplayers-remix 'Boomstyle' appeared as the first track on the compilation.

FUR003 (12")
A) Overload
B1) Resist
B2) Friendly Fire

State of Monc - Clippertron Ext. (CD)
The LP-remix for the track 'Soyuz One' from State of Monc was released on the extended edition of their album Clippertron.

FUR002 (12")

A) Katsu
B) Abstract Funk

Scattered by Storm (CD)
In June 2002 Longplayers released their second EP. On this mini-CD you'll find four tracks of various styles plus an interactive part with some videos...


FUR001 (12")
A) Your Break is Gonna Come
B1) Raw Cut
B2) Nasty Habit

Bad Thoughts on a Sunny Day (CD)
This is the Longplayers-demo which contains the highlights of 1999 & 2000 covering all kinds of progressive sounds which Longplayers are known for...


NICE9905-1 (12")
The classic Longplayers-remix of Left Leg by Kinder Atom.